Carbon Fiber Composite Inspection System

Swinburne’s Factory of the Future receives CIKONI’s robot based inspection system DrapeWatch to detect carbon fibre defects

The Factory of the Future at Swinburne University of Technology is pushing today’s boundaries in flexible automated composites manufacturing with their industry 4.0 lab in Melbourne, Australia.

From a technology perspective, some of the key enablers for composites mass production are addressed by the team around Professor Bronwyn Fox: material and cost efficiency through tailored stacks and versatile automated preforming.

For digitization and quality inspection of preforms and consolidated parts within the fully automated process chain, Swinburne relies on DrapeWatch, a robot based 3D analysis system developed by CIKONI. DrapeWatch combines a visual sensor for detailed surface inspection with an EddyCurrent sensor for in-depth material analysis in one system.

The collaborative robot, both measurement devices as well as analysis algorithms, evaluation and reporting features are fully integrated and accessible within the DrapeWatch Control software. An interface to finite element analysis (FEA) enables to export fiber angle results to simulation models.

For different applications, the modular system can be extended to specific needs, e.g. by integrating thermography, ultrasonic or laser scanning devices. Get in touch with CIKONI to find out how we can create value for your business.

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