Automatisierungslösungen für Composites
Automation solution from CIKONI for complex-shaped sandwich cores

Process development and automation for efficient CFRP production

Fiber composites offer unlimited possibilities for tailor-made, highly efficient components. In many industries, however, composites have so far been unable to find their way into the market due to their cost structure. This was mainly due to the high labor costs involved in traditional autoclave prepreg production. In the last 15 years, however, a lot has happened in the field of automation of fiber composite plants, so that we can open a new chapter together. CIKONI supports you with an expert team in the following areas:

  • Development of innovative and fiber composite-compatible production concepts
  • Use of existing process options for automated production
  • Development of highly efficient, scalable and innovative special machines
  • Process development and process optimization
  • CFRP tool design and tool development

Our Approach in CFRP Automation

Automation is not an end in itself, but serves to ensure cost-efficient production on the one hand, and continuous quality in production on the other. Particularly in the field of composites, attention must also be paid to the effects of the selected manufacturing strategy on the mechanical properties of the components. For this reason, CFRP process development must always be carried out in harmony with product development (design, simulation and testing). At CIKONI, we believe in holistic automation approaches that do justice to fiber composites and can be scaled efficiently from laboratory scale to series applications.

Automatisiertes Preforming

Intelligent Automation Solutions from a Single Source

From Innovation to Realization

Individual Solutions

Your challenges as a company are unique – and so are our automation solutions. Whether we advise you on the right combination of existing solutions and processes or work with you to develop sophisticated new processes: Your individual needs determine the path.

Expert team from concept to PLC

With a well-coordinated team of mechanical engineers, automation experts and robot programmers, we develop machines, processes and systems for composite materials, from the gripper to the control cabinet. It goes without saying that all developers also know their composite trade.


Those who pursue innovative paths are exposed to risks and little predictability. We develop solutions for all maturity phases of CFRP products and lightweight construction companies and ensure scalability across all phases. This results in automation solutions that accelerate your path.

Process development

Process development plays a decisive role in the development of automation solutions for composites, as many processes depend on the material-specific parameterization in addition to the process engineering linkage. This is where we support you with our process development and validation expertise.

Innovation is Our DNA

At the start of a project, we will take a broad perspective in order to incorporate innovative possibilities for fiber composite production into our options. The textile architecture of composite materials and the large number of polymer processes offer great potential for application-specific, efficient processes.

Experience is key

Anyone developing processes for composites must always keep an eye open for structural and design aspects. Our team of composite experts understands the structural, design and qualitative effects of decisions and thus saves you unpleasant surprises in late project phases.

Our Automation Solutions

In addition to individual automation solutions for our customers, in recent years we have developed technology areas in which we offer tools, processes and machines developed in-house as complete solutions. These solutions are also adapted to customer requirements, but a wide range of pre-developed software and hardware options are available.


Automated Quality Inspection

DrapeWatch is a robot-guided, automated system for detecting defects in composite components. Powerful evaluation software and integrated robot path planning make DrapeWatch an integrated solution for customers seeking highest level of quality in production.

Design of CFRP components

Robot based fiber winding

Robot-guided winding technology from CIKONI enables the production of ultra-efficient lightweight structures at low cost. This innovative approach requires a closed engineering-to-manufacturing chain, which we offer at CIKONI.

DYNAPIXEL tool system

Reconfigurable tooling

The reconfigurable, dynamic DYNAPIXEL tooling system was developed to produce composite components in a wide variety without tooling costs. This makes the technology an enabler for efficient processes, especially for mass customization and prototyping. The control and planning software is also provided by CIKONI.

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