Leichtbau in der ARENA2036

Composite materials solution provider CIKONI joins ARENA2026

Lightweight engineering: when composite materials and joint development go hand in hand

  • CIKONI joins ARENA2036 as a global driver of innovation in advanced materials
  • Agile methodologies, entrepreneurial thinking and deep composites expertise will spark radical innovation in collaboration with network partners
  • From hydrogen pressure vessels to automotive components, new materials enable superior performance metrics

Nothing is as constant as change. What Heraclitus observed 2,500 years ago is more true today than ever. After all, international competition, short development cycles and technical advances are leading to ever faster changes in production, mobility and the use of materials. At the same time,  the transfer from science to industrial use is becoming ever more demanding due to increasing complexity. Excellently trained experts who work jointly across companies are a key to keeping pace with change or even defining it.

The ARENA2036 in Stuttgart functions as a research campus for mobility and production. With more than 50 partners on 4,700 square meters of hall space, large corporations, start-ups and research institutes work together at ARENA2036 to shape the future of mobility.

Now, CIKONI, a company specializing in high-performance materials, has also become a member of ARENA2036. Founded in 2015, CIKONI has quickly made a name for itself around the world with its expertise in composite materials. From Japan to Korea to Brazil, companies rely on the development expertise of the Stuttgart-based engineers.

Innovative lightweight solutions for the automotive industry and production

“Our core competence lies in combining in-depth expertise in lightweight design, entrepreneurial thinking and agility,” says the managing director of CIKONI GmbH, Dr. Farbod Nezami. “The desire to save energy and the transformation of mobility are driving our business. It was only logical for us to join the ARENA2036 innovation platform and contribute our competencies to the network.”

In fact, many network partners are already working with CIKONI on international projects. For example, bionic structures are being developed with Daimler, and reconfigurable production technology are being developed in the DIREKT research project. “We look forward to working with the ARENA2036 partners on the future of mobility and contributing our expertise in fiber composites, automation and simulation,” said CIKONI CEO Dr. Jan-Philipp Fuhr about the upcoming projects.

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