Design and product development – innovation and lightweight design included

Perfection in every technical aspects – that’s what we deliver continously. But to develop successful products that can establish on the market, you need even more: innovations that go beyond what engineering firms usually offer. We are guided by an interdisciplinary and diverse culture of innovation – because lightweight design only succeeds where it offers more than just weight savings.

  • Innovative lightweight concepts to reduce component weight
  • Hybrid structures for cost-efficient lightweight constructions
  • Production-adapted, efficient and joining-compatible fiber composite structures
  • Targeted use of functional integration, such as health monitoring
  • CFRP tool design and toolmaking

Our CFRP Design Services

In fiber composite-compatible design, not only is a component developed, but the appropriate manufacturing process and the resulting component mechanics are consistently considered from the outset. This poses particular challenges for an interdisciplinary project team, but also for a detailed understanding of composite materials and their production technologies.

Whether prototype or series component, CFRP or GFRP: we bring the necessary know-how to your project, which puts you ahead of the competition and prevents unnecessary design iterations through fiber composite-specific development methods. We achieve this through the consistent use of modern CAD and FEM software for design and calculation, while naturally maintaining the confidentiality required in sensitive development projects.

Leichtbau Karosserie Konstruktion

CFRP BIW Development

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) is revolutionizing automotive Body-In-White (BIW) structures by significantly reducing weight while maintaining strength and safety. The expertise in composite materials is crucial in the design process to optimize these benefits, leading to more fuel-efficient and high-performance vehicles with reduced environmental impact.

Design of CFRP components

CFRP Component Design

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) is pivotal in enhancing automotive components like chassis, bumpers, and hoods by offering superior strength-to-weight ratios. Examples include McLaren’s carbon fiber chassis and BMW’s CFRP roof. Profound composite knowledge is essential in design to leverage these advantages for performance, efficiency, and safety.

CFRP and Hybrid Joining

Joining technology is crucial in developing composite-material intensive products, ensuring components bond effectively for structural integrity and performance. Advanced techniques like adhesive bonding and mechanical fastening are tailored for composites, enabling the creation of complex, lightweight structures in industries such as aerospace and automotive.

Our Approach in Lightweight Design

Lightweight design requires methodological knowledge of lightweight designmethods, material know-how and simulation processes. But we also look beyond the technical horizon:

Early feasibility assessment via functional models and numerical optimization

We approach the end product in several steps, whereby we continuously continue the detailing and always incorporate “lessons learned” iteratively. We evaluate technical risks for you using our own engineering simulations and thus generate meaningful decision criteria and boundary conditions at an early stage, which a traditional agency cannot offer you. The decisions become clear and are up to you.

Focus on the end customer: Lightweight Design as an enabler and unique selling point

Lightweight construction plays a decisive role for us, which comes into play wherever it can be directly experienced by the end customer – functionally and emotionally. This can also mean, for example, the integration and combination with natural fiber-reinforced plastics and becomes an integrated copying hurdle for competitors.

Functional design and solutions

Our products fulfill requirements in terms of functionality, aesthetics and price structure through targeted measures. Your products are safeguarded from contact corrosion to haptics, if it makes sense with experiments, simulations and engineering analyses.

Development: From concept to series component with a competitive manufacturing strategy

Our services accompany you through all phases of product development – always as a competent partner. We use our comprehensive know-how on production strategies and select suitable production processes, suppliers and logistics concepts for you to ensure your market success. Joining and assembly concepts? We will be happy to develop them for you!

Reduced risk due to material-specific simulation methods

We reduce your risk during product launch through material-specific simulations and minimize development iterations. With us, you can identify production limitations at an early stage of development and save expensive iterations before production begins.

Continuous innovation as a driver

Every system needs disruptions that shake it out of its static comfort zone – even after product development is complete, we subject the product to self-criticism again – what are the possibilities for the next step? Is evolution enough or does it have to be a revolution?

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