CIKONI offers holistic services for preforming: method development, modelling and process development for high quality preforms.

CIKONI cited on JEC 2016 Innovation Report

SOURCE: JEC World 2016 Innovation Report

Low-cost, high-quality preforming for mid-range volumes

JEC World 2016 – Cikoni (Stuttgart, Germany) now offers tailored automated preforming solutions for the mid-range production of composite components.

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Low-cost, high-quality preforming for mid-range volumes

The full service includes material characterization, FEA draping simulation, process development and low-cost semi-automated manufacturing machinery. The company’s extensive know-how in fabrics drapability, process and product simulation and the use of standard machine components efficiently drives down the cost of preform manufacturing for lot sizes of up to 10,000 parts/year. Cikoni’s expertise focuses on complex geometries and high-quality components when standard machinery is pushed to its limits.

Customer service also includes full engineering support for product development, component design and finite element analysis. This approach has already been successfully applied at Mercedes-Benz and received the 1st prize at the AVK Innovation Awards.

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