Project Examples and References in the Advanced Composites Sector


Please understand that we are not allowed to publish and communicate names of customers without their prior consent. Nevertheless we would like to give you an overview of our fields of activity:


  • German industrial group: Technology consulting in international sales of lightweight construction software used in aerospace and automotive applications
  • Indian automotive OEM: Strategy consulting for lightweight design development
  • Sports equipment manufacturer: Material and construction consulting
  • Innovation agency: consulting on function-integrated systems
  • German material manufacturer: Development of a market expansion strategy taking into account the material properties
  • International engineering company: Market entry strategies in the field of automotive composites
  • International chemical group: Consulting on market entry strategies with composite materials
  • Venture capital financed company: Strategic and technological advice on entering the fibre composite industry

Product development and simulation

  • Daimler AG: Innovative lightweight shelving system for Mercedes-Benz vans
  • Automotive OEM: Lightweight operating materials
  • Lightweight components for mechanical engineering
  • OEM: Blank optimized component production of advanced composites structural components
  • Tier-One: Development of fiber-reinforced acoustic elements
  • Premium racing bike manufacturer: Simulative optimization of racing bike components
  • Research institute: Component development using the boundary conditions of an innovative manufacturing processes
  • Sports footwear manufacturers: lightweight optimization of structurally stressed components
  • Component manufacturers: structural design of highly stressed parts
  • Tier-One: component development using topology optimization and additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing, bionics and topology optimization

  • SMP: Function-integrated cockpit carrier made by additive manufacturing
  • Mobility provider: Development of a lightweight support structure for the vehicle using additive manufacturing processes

Material characterization and testing

  • Ineos: Determination of characteristic values for the drape simulation for simulative prediction of manufacturing defects during preforming of carbon fiber components
  • OEM: Material card generation and crash calculation
  • Marine OEM: Structural calculation and testing of highly stressed components

Process simulation for fiber-based composites

  • Automotive OEM: Forming simulation with coupled structure evaluation
  • Automotive OEM: Drape simulation and feasibility studies

Mechanical engineering and process development

  • Special machines in the field of preforming for research institute
  • Special thermoforming plant for sports goods manufacturers from process development to series machine delivery
  • Robot-based winding machines for Tier-1
  • Robot based inspection system for aerospace composite manufacturing lab in Australia
  • Serial machine development for crash absorber manufacturing

Factory planning and production strategy

  • Customer in Dubai: Factory planning for a fiber composite TechLab and machine procurement
  • Furniture manufacturer: test execution and production planning for the use of fibre composites
  • Sports equipment manufacturer: process development and strategic consulting for quality optimization

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