Complex 3D-Filament Winding for CFRP and Hybrid Materials

What is the Purpose of Filament Winding?

Filament winding is an automated, high quality production process utilizing an impregnated roving (e.g. carbon fiber or glass fiber) which is laid on a rotating core and thereby forming a composite vessel, pipe or any rotation-symmetric fiber composite part. Innovative and new complex 3D-Winding procedures increase the process possibilities avoiding the need of a rotating core, by which the one shot production of innovative composite frameworks can become reality beyond known limits. By combining local 3D-CFRP-reinforcement with metallic structures and sub structures a better performance at low investment and production cost is achievable.


Detail of Winding of Non-symmetrical Geometry

Which New Opportunities are given by Filament Winding Processes?

Filament winding builds up unidirectional, non-crimp layers by forming high performance composite parts directly from the fiber coil. This characteristic enables low cost composite solutions due to lowering scrap costs and a minimal use of CRFP with high productivity. Process variables such as geometry, filament deposit path, filament spread have to be coordinated to achieve maximum efficiency.

The possibilities of 3D-Winding exceed standard winding procedures by far. Current 3D-Filament-Winding methods are neither limited to rotationally symmetrical or lost core designs. Through extensive process and tool know-how innovative winding solutions for the construction of CFRP-Components with low material usage and optimal load handling are being developed by CIKONI composites innovation.

Excellence in Engineering

Get extensive process and design know-how for innovative 3D winding solutions.

We advise you from the conception to the development of suitable lightweight carbon and hybrid components and integrate our knowledge along the entire value chain: Definition of geometrical properties for the standard and 3D winding procedure, extension to hybrid winding methods and new core designs, cost reduction through specific fiber utilization and waste reduction, process and quality monitoring are a set of sample tasks we have been involved in. Let us help you find the perfect solution by:

  • Screening of innovative winding concepts and tools
  • Analysis of standard and hybrid 3D solutions (including FEA)
  • Engineering of automated hybrid 3D-wound lightweight solutions
  • Consulting of cost effective process alternatives for your task
  • Manufacturing of innovative products


Filament Winding as a cost-effective Manufacturing Solution for Composite Structures


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