Services and Consulting for Lightweight Design Innovations



Strategy and Technology Consulting

Hybrid lightweight design shows advantages in many applications which can be directly turned into market opportunities. Beyond technical aspects and know-how also organizational structure, costumer orientation and competitive analysis plays a decisive role. We support your strategic line-up and orient our product and process development on distinctive guidelines. We offer composite specific consulting to set you at the forefront of technology.


Tailored Solutions for your Lightweight Design Application


Our team covers key disciplines of composites engineering from part design to numerical simulation and from technology development to process planning. This allows us to quickly find solutions that fit the requirements of all domains, which are often contrarian.


Multi-material Lightweight Design: it’s not always about Carbon Composites.

Material selection, material combination and their function-driven synthesis are our daily work: Experience how our innovative solutions contribute to the competitive advantage of your product. We combine metallic and composite materials as well as Additive Manufacturing technologies / 3D-Printing to gain cost-efficient and application-oriented solutions. Talking about fiber reinforced materials we consider manufacturing requirements already during part design and vice versa.


Structural Simulation and Numerical Optimization: Realistic Part Dimensioning and Analysis


Step-by-step detailing during design and simulation enables us to assess costs, lightweight objectives and functional performance and to take action already at an early stage of product development. We use the latest simulation methods and advanced analysis models.
Our focal point in the field of structural simulation lies on composites. Learn more about structural simulation with FEA.


Process Automation and Special Purpose Machinery, e.g. for Preforming and Filament Winding

The key aspects of our process development activities are preforming and filament winding – substantial references for complex geometries in both fields are related to customized technologies that allow fast, cost-efficient and high-quality automation even for medium-volume production.Preform

Learn more about our approaches for automated preforming.
Learn more about the opportunities of 3D-filament winding.
Learn more about the opportunities of our reconfigurable moulding technology.


Process Simulation and Validation

Manufacturing simulation in an early design stage accelerates process development and provides important information for realistic structural analysis. CIKONI supports you from material characterization and FE draping simulation to 3D validation of your simulation models to guarantee the best possible results. Learn more about process simulation.


Robot-Assisted Quality Assurance

The definition of quality and quality assurance are complex tasks for composites influenced by material, process and structural properties. We advise you on the definition of quality criteria suitable for your preforming tasks, the implementation of optical 3D analysis systems for quality assurance and optimization strategies for your processes to improve overall quality.



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