Robot based Multi-Sensor Inspection

Digitized quality for production & development

In the production of carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP), quality assurance is a decisive factor for success. DrapeWatch technology represents an innovative approach to ensuring the highest precision and reliability in lightweight design.DrapeWatch revolutionizes the monitoring and analysis of CFRP components in production and ensures optimal quality assurance in production or a comparison in simulation and development.

Inpect Defects and Generate Automated Reports

DrapeWatch is an advanced quality monitoring technology specially developed for securing and analyzing CFRP components. It uses high-precision sensors and image processing systems to monitor the manufacturing process in real time. This allows potential errors and deviations to be detected and rectified immediately before they lead to major problems.

Customized hardware and software from a single source

CIKONI provides you with customized software and hardware from a single source. Depending on the desired functionality and requirements, we develop individual solutions based on DrapeWatch – for preforming, winding, braiding or any other FRP production process.

Quality and development at the highest level

Your advantages when using DrapeWatch

  1. Increased precision and reliability By using DrapeWatch, manufacturing processes can be continuously monitored and optimized. This leads to a significant increase in the precision and reliability of the CFRP components produced.

  2. Real-time quality assurance Real-time monitoring enables immediate detection and correction of manufacturing errors. This reduces the reject rate and ensures consistently high product quality.

  3. Cost reduction By minimizing defects and rejects, DrapeWatch technology can make a significant contribution to reducing production costs. In addition, material consumption is optimized, which enables further cost savings.

  4. Optimization of production processes With DrapeWatch, production processes can be analyzed in detail and continuously improved. This leads to a more efficient use of resources and a higher production speed.

  5. Production-oriented design and simulation With DrapeWatch, recorded fiber orientations and other effects can be fed directly back into the simulation and development of components. This creates a closed development control loop based on real components and taking manufacturing influences into account.


DrapeWatch technology is used in a variety of industries in which CFRP materials play a central role. These include

  • Automotive industry In automotive engineering, CFRP is increasingly being used to reduce weight and improve energy efficiency. DrapeWatch supports the production of lightweight yet robust vehicle components, particularly in the RTM process chain for preforming.

  • Aerospace Weight reduction is also of crucial importance in aerospace technology. DrapeWatch contributes to the production of safe and reliable CFRP components that meet the stringent requirements of this industry.

  • Hydrogen Storage Type 3, 4 and 5 hydrogen storage pressure tanks are manufactured with CFRP reinforcement. With our special WindWatch solution, we offer quality measurement technology for CFRP winding technology to produce safe and lightweight pressure tanks.

  • Sporting goods industry In the manufacture of high-performance sports equipment, such as bicycles or tennis rackets, DrapeWatch offers the possibility of producing high-quality, lightweight products that meet the high expectations of users.

    CFRP Quality Inspection

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